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March 2015

Practice Matches 29/3/15

March 27th, 2015|

Please see below for all practice matches this Sunday.

Age Grade Opponent Date Time Venue
Colts 1 B.Hills Colts 1 3/29/2015 3.00pm Bulleen Park

15 1 Laurimar 15 Black 3/29/2015 3.00pm Laurimar FC
3 B.Hills 15 Brown 3/29/2015 11.00am Bulleen Park
4 Laurimar 15/2 3/29/2015 1.00pm Laurimar FC

14 Gold West Preston 3/29/2015 9.00am Bulleen Park

13 Brown B.Hills 13 Gold 3/29/2015 1.00pm Whatmough Park
Black B.Hills 13 Blue 3/29/2015 11.30am Whatmough Park

12 Gold Laurimar 12 Black 3/29/2015 11.30am Laurimar FC
Blue B.Hills 12 Blue 3/29/2015 10.00am Whatmough Park
Red Laurimar […]

2015 Coaches and Age group Managers.

March 26th, 2015|

Please see below our appointed Coaches and Age Group Managers for 2015.

Age Grade Coach
Colts 1 John Snell
4 Mark Stanley
AGM Grant Watkinson

15 Div.1 Paul King
Div.3 Justin Abbott
Div.4 Mark Taranto
AGM Darryl Barker

14 Gold Rob Bolzon
Blue Jack Batchelor
AGM Mark Hardy

13 Brown Clint Richardson
Black TBA
AGM Mark Harrison

12 Gold Jason Lawler
Blue Gary Cutler
Red Craig Peacock
AGM Mick Batchelor

11 Gold Tony Norris
Red Ken Williams
AGM Lynne Yates

10 Gold Daryl Commandeur
Blue Brett Hancock
AGM Anthony Theunissen

Tackers Black Peter […]

Open Night tonight.

March 17th, 2015|

A reminder that tonight is our open night at the club. 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Help with registration inquiries will be available.

Collect your free backpack, buy any merchandise and talk with the committee and […]

February 2015

Pre-season training information

February 26th, 2015|

Please see below information regarding training times and venues. Please note these are purely for pre-season training and will change once the club has access to our grounds after the cricket season. We still […]